RISHI AND VIBHUTI, The exquisite signature in this modern take on handmade with love. Starting the remarkable journey from the college till the ramp wasn't a cakewalk. The ecstasy to this vogue world was inexorable.
So the two Doctors decided to be the DOCTOR DESIGNERS.
Well they both know how to cut & stitch it up, to perfection. So this Doctor Designer Duo, planned to do both, i.e with skins as well as layers next to it. Undoubtedly with an added flare of excelled designing.
This is a story of pursuit of passion, when scientific minded Dr. Rishi  & Dr. Vibhuti meet their creative brains to their exquisite design label by ensembling the vogue  aesthetics to contemporary wear, by reviving the silhouettes to reach the boundaries of HANDCRAFTED LUXURY.

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