The Bohemian Spice' A contemporary treatment in this modern world from taking out the electric hues and tinge on the handcrafted frame dipped in soft muted tones of Ivory.
      The Bohemian spice is the admixtures of thread work, beads and kut-dana. The intricate workmanship defines over the applique play of dories, braids and the edging.
      The Fagotting, Fringes and the Ghungroo add a spice to the handcrafted frame of Ivory with an exciting pastel colors and a bold patterns, endowing a tranquil glimpse of glory ~ Defining the crutch of the collection.
      The Crayon Palette connect between the spicy bold shades like The Yellows, The Pinks and The Corals with the vivid tints like The Greys, The blues, The mint and The salmon.
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